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Representing those Injured by Talcum Powder

We live in a time where big pharma companies lie to consumers…and get away with it.

Consumers no longer have any reason to trust product manufacturers. The recent talcum powder lawsuits won against Johnson & Johnson and other talcum powder manufacturers prove that private citizens need proven and experienced lawyers to protect their physical and financial well-being in a court of law.

Houston Lawyer for Talcum Powder Lawsuits

Talcum powder proven to dramatically increase risk of ovarian cancer

For decades, manufacturers of talcum powder (baby powder) have known about and chosen not to disclose the cancer risk of using talcum powder.

Courts have recently ruled that these manufacturers were negligent and knowingly refused to disclose the risks of talcum powder to consumers.

Consistent usage of talcum powder increases the risk of ovarian cancer by over 30%, and in some cases up to 60%. American consumers must be made aware of their options for compensation from these companies.

Support for your Ovarian Cancer Case

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer or mesothelioma and have used talcum powder, contact one of our attorneys today for a free consultation of your case and your rights. 

Because of the decision to not disclose warnings about using talcum powder, these companies have taken away your freedom of choice. As an American consumer, you have the right to understand all risks associated with the products you use. When these dangers are hidden, you no longer have the option to make a decision based on facts.

In the fall of 2019, a jury delivered a verdict that forced Johnson & Johnson to award a $37.7 million in compensatory damages to four plaintiffs. This case is just one of thousands filed against the company that claims their talcum powder products caused ovarian cancer and/or mesothelioma.

How our attorneys can help

Our lawyers have already won against big pharma companies, including Johnson & Johnson. Not many trial lawyers can say they’ve taken on one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world and won. In one of the biggest verdicts of any kind awarded for that year, Fletch Trammell delivered a jury verdict of over $1.2 billion in compensation from Johnson & Johnson for his clients. The attorneys of Trammell PC are experienced, reliable, proven, and ready to take on your case as if it were their own. Our lawyers have won some of the largest jury trial judgments in American history against some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. We are ready and willing to represent you.


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