About Trammell PC

Representing People Injured by Prescription Drugs and Medical Devices

Trammell PC specializes in representing people injured by the hidden dangers of prescription drugs and medical devices. At a time when more Americans are taking prescription drugs than ever before, this type of practice is critical, not only to the unfortunate victims of pharmaceutical marketing fraud, but to American public health in general. That’s because it is now standard business practice for big pharmaceutical companies to lie us, their customers. We hear about it in the news all the time, and can feel it when we watch their creepy, predatory TV ads. It seems like every other week, some Pharma giant is pleading guilty to defrauding somebody and paying some huge fine. They admit to exaggerating the good stuff and burying the bad but somehow never seem to miss a beat. They just write off the loss and get back to business.

Their customers, on the other hand, don’t have that luxury. We take expensive drugs we don’t need and end up with painful, depressing, sometimes lethal, but almost always expensive health problems we wouldn’t otherwise have. When this happens, litigation is the only way we have to fight back. When a drug company knows its drugs and devices are dangerous and simply chooses not to tell us so that they can make more money, they have to be exposed. Litigation, initiated by lawyers like us, is the only way to do it. The thing is, billion dollar companies didn’t get where they are by backing down and giving away money. They hire the best lawyers money can buy and fight their customers as hard as the system allows. That’s why the lawyer you hire matters. A lot of law firms claim to be able to take on big pharma in court, but not many have done it. This is what makes Trammell PC unique. Our lawyers have won some of the largest jury trial judgments in American history against some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. We are ready and willing to represent you.